Part 3 – Adaptability and Problem solving

Competences/topics addressed:

  • Repetition and discussions of prior parts of the course
    Self-assessment in groups using the learning outcomes grid and evaluation of the outcome.
  • Adaptability – Adapts to widely varied needs
    Adapting in order to work effectively in ambiguous or changing situations, and with diverse individuals and groups
  • Problem Solving – Solves basic problems
    Identifying problems and the solutions to them
For the instructors (trainers of trainers): Tips, recommended methods and tools for ca. 5 hours training in classroom - Click here

Repetition and discussions of prior parts of the course:

Purpose/challenge: In-house trainers need to evaluate their progress so far. Discussions in pairs or groups and access to the Instructors.  Participants then revise their Learning contracts.

Serves also as motivation for further steps.

Duration: 1 hour

Tools: Learning contracts, assessment grids, group work.

Adaptability – Adapts to widely varied needs:

Purpose/challenge: Adult trainers have to be adaptable and open to changes in the way they work with people and situations and be unbiased.

Duration: 2 hours

Tools: Models of Change management, Creative methods, presentation of Mind locks, discussions, cases, “The Art work” (game).

Problem Solving:

Purpose/challenge: Giving the adult trainers tools to help them solve different complex situations they meet in their job.

Duration: 2 hours


Tasks to do at the workplace (ca. 5 hours)

Purpose/challenge: To identify problems to solve (six thinking hats) or to manage (polarity management) and use the methods from Part 5 to deal with them, either in a vertical or horizontal (lateral) way.

To use the ideas of adaptability and problem solving in a practical situation at work and thus combine theoretical study and real work situation.

Tools: Worksheet from part 5, the assessment grid and the learning contract.

Self assessment for Part 3

How to assess your competences:

  • Read every learning outcome carefully and answer as sincerely as possible about your knowledge and competence in each case.
  • Bear in mind all the knowledge, skills and experience you have acquired in your former jobs, projects, courses, and social or private life.

In assessing your competences you can ask yourself:

  • Have I been in a situation where I had to use this competence?
  • How did I use the competence and what was my contribution to the task?

The rating system for the assessment

Select the cell that best describes your abilities:

  1. Little knowledge/skills/competence: I need to learn from the basics and upwards.
  2. Some knowledge/skills/competence: I need some assistance to enhance it.
  3. Good knowledge/skills/competence: I can work myself on enhancing it.
  4. Very good knowledge/skills/competence: I can assist others to acquire it.
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Part 1

Social and communication skills and work-place practice: training overview, effective communication, teamwork, IT, developing others, work ethics and values.

Part 2

Training skills and work-place practice: communication, teamwork, fostering and organizing adult learning.

Part 3

Adaptability and Problem solving and work-place practice: IT, adaptability and problem solving.

Part 4

Organization and Continuous learning & Follow up in the workplace: organizational awareness, continuous learning and summary integrating all subjects.